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Eye Fi Mobi Not Working
Eye Fi Mobi Not Working

eye fi mobi not working


Eye Fi Mobi Not Working >>


















































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Kramer101 Add Ricoh and Pentax to the listQuote Postby tim Sat May 14, 2016 3:41 pm Hi Peter please try the official eyefi app on the same ipad as wifiboothWhy do I need to enter a passcode?Follow the instructions in Enable Wireless Transfers for more details: Enable Wireless Transfers in Eyefi Connected Canon Cameras Enable Wireless Transfers in Eyefi Connected Olympus Cameras Hardware firewalls Sometimes a router or other hardware firewall can create an environment that is difficult for Eyeficards to work inSorry that you're having trouble with getting the Eye-Fi card to connectoffMike insol Total pain in the A**e! Shows utter contemp for loyal customers! Is the a case for legal action here? You buy something, and then the supplier stops it working!! SHAMEFUL, and typical of todays businesses they just dont seem to give a damm!! DWhatley I clearly misunderstood their announcementYou will find a "Format" option in your camera's settings menu (consult your camera's manual for specific details)


Had you had direct upload to your Eyefi cloud, I would continue to be a paying customerIf your camera has multiple memory card slots, be sure that you are browsing images on the correct memory cardIt will look something like this: It may take a minute or so for your Apple device to see the Eye-Fi card networkAny advice on this? If not, how would I go about getting a refund as I've already put way too many hours into trying to get this to worktim Site Admin Posts: 528 Joined: Fri Apr 03, 2015 5:14 pm Re: Can't Get App To Recognize Camera With Eye-Fi cardThey are behind thisClick theKeenai logo in your computer's system tray in the lower-right corner Click Options Insert your Mobi Pro card into the Eyefi USB card reader, then insert the card reader into your computer Click the Mobi Cards tab Click the arrow next to your Mobi Pro card to open its advanced settings menu Go to the Mobi Cards tab Under Infrastructure Network Configuration, select the network you wish to remove under Configured Networks and click Remove Network Launch theKeenai application Tapthe options icon Tapthe settings icon SelectImports Enable Receive RAW To enable Selective Transfer on Mac:If you attempt to transfer photos at a later time, and your Apple device is connected to different network, you will need to manually reconnect to your Eye-Fi card network


offIf your camera has multiple memory cards, verify that it is saving JPGs to the correct memory card slot Make sure the card lock switch is turned off Thanks for your helpIf you're transferring photos to an iPhone or iPad, you may need to manually select your Eyefi Mobi or Mobi Pro card's wireless networkWim Verheij In the past people have built basic configuration tools for linux that do not require connecting to the Eyefi serversEye-Fi has an FAQ set up that details what exactly will happen when it shuts off services for the older cards in September, but the gist is that most services will stop working and none of the functions are guaranteed to continue to workQuote Postby tim Sun Mar 06, 2016 3:37 pm Jbogg are you sure you are instructing the mobi pro card to connect to your iphone? from the screenshots it seems like the card is creating its own wifi network

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